Why Choose Us?

By choosing us you are choosing to support a small business with big ideas and goals. You are also choosing to support the charities that make a difference in the healthcare world. By choosing an organisation that cares about health promotion any patients that are seen by us always get a high standard of assessment that looks at a patient as a whole.

Our Mission Statment

Our mission is to provide Gold standard medical care with strong emphasis on health promotion. While raising money for charities that have goals to improve and save lives.

Connect With Us

Guardian EMS Charity work to promote health EMS are looking to raise money and awareness for charities that work tirelessly to make big changes to people’s lives in many different ways. With modern healthcare and the ability to connect with each other like never before we see our responsibility as health care professionals going much further than plasters and paracetamol. Recently there has been a big movement in creating awareness for unknown conditions and we want to help increase that momentum.